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Best Transplant Surgery India – A liver failure can occur rapidly in a matter of weeks. This condition is called as acute liver failure. A liver failure can also occur slowly over months and years. This condition is called as chronic liver failure. Liver failure has many causes, like liver cirrhosis, biliary duct atresia, cystic fibrosis, early-stage liver cancer, hemochromatosis, primary biliary cirrhosis, primary sclerosing cholangitis and wilson’s disease. Liver transplant surgery is a meant for those patients who have end-stage liver failure and that cannot be controlled using other treatment options. A liver transplant is a surgical procedure to remove a diseased liver and replace it with a healthy liver from a donor. Best Transplant Surgery India

The kidneys perform a very important function of removing excess fluid and waste from the blood. When these kidneys lose their ability to filter then dangerous levels of fluid and waste accumulate in the body. This condition is known as kidney failure. A kidney transplant surgery is often the best treatment for kidney failure when all other conservative treatment options fail. In a kidney transplant surgery a non- functioning or damaged kidney of a patient is replaced with a healthy kidney from a donor. Only one donated kidney is needed to replace two failed kidneys. This makes possible for a living donor kidney transplantation. Patients with end-stage kidney disease need either artificial blood filtering (called as dialysis) or a kidney transplant to stay alive. Best Transplant Surgery India

Unhealthy or damaged lungs can make it difficult for the body to get the oxygen it needs to survive. Some diseases or conditions can damage the lungs and may adversely affect their ability to function effectively. Some of the diseases of lung are chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis or scarring of lungs, sarcoidosis with advanced fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, cystic fibrosis etc. A Lung disease can often be treated with medication or with special breathing devices but when these options no longer remain fruitful and reduced functioning of lungs becomes life-threatening then your doctor might suggest a lung transplant surgery.Best Transplant Surgery India

A lung transplant surgery is a procedure to replace a diseased or failing lung of a patient with a healthy lung form a donor. A lung transplant surgery may involve replacing one of the lungs of the patient or both of them, depending upon the medical condition of the patient. Both single lung transplant surgery and double lung transplant surgery are done at our network Transplant Surgery hospitals in India.Best Transplant Surgery India

Bone marrow is the soft and flexible tissue that is present in the interior of bones. The bone marrow in large bones produces new blood cells. These blood cells can help the body to make enough healthy white blood cells, red blood cells or platelets. This helps in reducing the risk of life-threatening infections, anemia and bleeding. A bone marrow transplant (BMT) may be required if the bone marrow stops working and doesn’t produce enough healthy cells. In a bone marrow transplant procedure the damaged or destroyed bone marrow is replaced with healthy bone marrow stem cells.Best Transplant Surgery India

Bone Marrow Transplants can use cells from the body of the patient (called as autologous bone marrow transplant) or they can use the stem cells from a donor (called as allogenic bone marrow transplant). Suitability of a particular type of bone marrow transplant would be decided by the doctors after thorough testing and evaluation. Not all patients are suited for autologous bone marrow transplant. If a patient requires an allogenic bone marrow transplant then he/she should have a HLA matched sibling donor. Bone Marrow Transplants may be beneficial for the patients with a variety of both cancerous and noncancerous diseases.Best Transplant Surgery India

In a heart transplant surgery a failing or diseased heart of a patient is replaced with a healthier heart of a donor. Generally a Heart transplant surgery is done for those patients who have tried medications or other surgeries, but their conditions haven’t improved .It is very important to know the heart transplant process, the surgery itself, potential risks and follow-up care in order to make a decision since heart transplant is a major operation. Heart transplants are performed when other treatments for heart problems haven’t worked, leading to heart failure.

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