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Spine Surgery and Treatments

Best Spine Surgery India and Affordable Spine Treatment Services in Delhi

Best Spine Surgery India – he advancement in the field of Spine Surgery in last 10 years have resulted in much safer and success outcome. Spine Surgery is not usually recommending to everyone and is only advise when conservative treatment has not resulted in satisfactory results.

Best Spine Surgery India is of various types i.e. decompression of vertebrae, fixation and fusion, microdiscetomy and more. More importantly, spinal fusion surgeries are also common in patients who suffer from moderate to severe back deformities that require reconstructive surgery.

When performing spinal fusion, the surgeon usually performs two procedures:

(a) Affixation of screws, cages, plates or other stabilizing mechanical constructs to prevent the motion between the cages and screws.

(b) Implantation of bone or bone-inducing products to encourage. The patient’s natural bone osteoblasts to unite the fused vertebrae similar to the way a bone fracture heals.

Our hospitals have a superspeciality tertiary care centre providing. The highest level of professional expertise and leadership in all major disciplines of neurosciences.

Best Spine Surgery India Programmes offered are Brain Surgery & Spine Surgery, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Interventional Neurology, Neuro Imaging, Disc Replacement Surgery.

Services include Advanced Brain Tumour treatment, Minimally Invasive Best Spine Surgery India, Stroke prevention & management, special clinics for Epileptic, Neuromuscular & Movement Disorders.

Procedures such as Spinal Fusion (in form of lumbar spinal fusion, cervical spinal fusion to treat degenerative disc disease or spondylolisthesis), Kyphoplasty (it is a type of vertebral augmentation for compression fractures), Discectomy (surgical removal of part or all of a vertebral disc that has herniated), Elective Craniotomies, Trans Sphenoid Operations, Decompression, Arthroplasty (surgical reconstruction and total replacement of degenerated joints), CSF Shunting (surgical procedure to provide an alternative pathway through which CSF bypasses as obstruction in the fluid compartments of the brain), Burr-Hole Aspiration (surgical aspiration/drainage of brain) for abscess, Spinal cord Stimulation, Baclofen for Spasticity, Brachial Plexus Surgery, correction of Congenital Malformation of Spine, Surgery for degenerative diseases of Spine & Disc problems are carried out.

Gamma Knife Treatment for Brain Tumors is also available. Best Spine Surgery India is the most precise, powerful and proven treatment for Brain Tumors. It is non-invasive, bloodless and painless. It focuses precise beams of radiation directly on the tumor to a single point.