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We are a network of Best Doctors and Hospitals based in New Delhi, India with a clear aim to make quality, hassle free medical treatment accessible worldwide at an affordable cost. Our team of Top Verified Healthcare providers and Eminent Surgeons has a track record of exercising complete transparency in providing accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment planning. The Doctors Pro provide comprehensive treatment solutions and answers to your questions related to Cardiac Surgery and diseases (adult and paediatric), Neurosurgery (brain tumors), Spine Surgery, Organ Transplants i.e Kidney, Heart, Livey and Bone marrow, Knee & Hip Replacement Surgery, Cancer Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Weight loss / General Surgery and more. Doctors are available 24×7. Feel free to

Surgery Doctors and Hospital in India

#Orthopedics treatment – You should be very careful and alert to take best of 3 opinions for knee replacement and hip replacement procedures.

#Spine Surgery treatment – All spine surgery cases are not surgical and in fact surgery is the last resort. If your conservative medical management has failed irrespective of the age factor. Make sure you visit the right best spine surgeon having in depth experiences in treating similar cases like your suffering.

#Brain Tumor treatment – They are the most critical / tricky due to spreading of the mass in the brain area. Your neurosurgeon will always contemplate on. The decision making to either remove the whole of the tumor or refer to radiosurgery treatment i.e. non-invasive method of treat brain tumors. Tell him / her to be very straight forward with you instead of giving positive looking statements.

#Cardiac Stenting procedures – The blockage artery percentage determines the decision making for Angioplasty procedures. The range is clearly defining the medical bodies. In case of medical emergency situations like a very different kind of pain in the chest area, excessive sweating, extreme lethargy and difficulty in breathing are the symptoms for stent procedure due to blockage of higher percentage i.e. >70-80.

#Cancer cases for chemotherapy sessions. Needless chemo drugs are prescribed to patients without knowing. The outcomes / secondary reaction of using them on the other. Human body functions or suggestion of quality life survival time.

#Stem Cell ” treatment package available across the world to make cheap and unethical money to bank on desperate patients.


We’re on a mission to help humankind live healthier, longer, happier.

Spine Surgery and Treatments

Neurosurgery traces its history back to the early 1900s. It is the youngest of all the surgical specialties.

Neuro Surgery

Surgery is designed to provide the highest levels of professional expertise and leadership in all major…

Best Cardiac Surgery India

Heart failure simply means that your heart doesn’t process as much blood as your body needs.

Transplant Surgery

A liver failure can occur rapidly in a matter of weeks. This condition is called as acute liver failure.

Bone & Joint Surgery

Orthopaedic Surgeries are one of the very common surgeries for which people travel from different..

Aesthetic & Reconstructive

Whether you want to look as young as you feel or fix a lifelong flaw that makes you conscious.

General Surgery

General surgery is a surgical specialty that focuses on abdominal organs, e.g., intestines including esophagus.

CANCER Surgery Treatment

Simply involves removal of a cancerous tumor. It works best on localized cancers.


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